Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets for Special Events and Construction Projects

If you need to rent porta potties for an event, SouthPoint Rentals has you covered. We can also deliver and service portable toilets at construction sites for a few months.


Sanitation Solutions

You can turn to us for a wide variety of sanitation solutions including several types of portable restrooms and sinks that meet your needs. We have more than a hundred units available for rent at competitive pricing.

Our rentals are perfect for event venues, job sites, and more. They are cleaned once a week to maintain freshness. You can take advantage of our toilet rental services for construction projects. We are also available for special events such as music festivals, fundraisers, corporate meetings, and auctions.

You can even use our rental toilets during barbecues, seasonal sporting events, and races as well as school and nonprofit events. Additionally, our rentals are designed to help volunteers in disastrous situations, professionals handling water main breaks, and first responders to emergencies of any kind.

How Many Toilets Do You Need?

For Special Events


Find your expected crowd size on the left and the duration of your event in hours to determine how many portable toilets you need.

On Construction Sites


Determine how many rental toilets are needed for your project based on the number of employees on the job site.